Aberystwyth War Memorial SWW Surnames F-J

The following men from the Aberystwyth area died in active service. With thanks to Steven John.

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  • Daniel Ernest George, Pilot Officer, 121564, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Daniel, known as Ernest, was born in 1910, son of Daniel Henry George and of Agnes Lilly George, of 7 Skinner Street, Aberystwyth. He lived at 5 Salisbury Road, Wrexham, at the outbreak of war with his wife, Joan George, before becoming an RAF pilot. Daniel served with 540 Squadron, a photo-reconnaissance unit equipped with the Supermarine Spitfire IV. He failed to return after an operation on 3 April 1943. He was 32 years old, and is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
  • Thomas David Irfon Griffith, Captain, 176104, Royal Welch Fusiliers. Son of John Albert and Margaret Ann Griffith, of Aberystwyth, husband of Mary Flora Griffith, of Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Brecknockshire. Served with the 6th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers. The battalion was a TA unit, attached to 158th Infantry Brigade, 53rd (Welsh) Division, and landed in Normandy at the end of June 1944. Thomas was killed during the 6th RWF attack on Evrecy, France, on 17 July 1944. He was 30 years old, and is commemorated on the Bayeux Memorial, France.
  • Gerallt Tegwyn Griffith, Flying Officer, 80889, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Born in 1896, son of William Gwyn and Annie Griffith. Before the war he lived with his wife, Gwyneth Elizabeth Griffith, at The Bay Hotel, Aberystwyth. Commissioned as a Flying Officer on 20 October 1923 and served with the RAF for several peacetime years. On 14 June 1940, Gerallt rejoined the RAF Volunteer Reserve, re-commissioned as a Flying Officer. After the invasion of Europe on 6 June 1944, he took part in the liberation of Holland. He was watching a film during a night off on 17 December 1944 when the Rex Cinema in Antwerp was hit by a German V2 rocket, which killed almost 600 people. Gerallt was 48 years old. Buried in Schoonselhof Cemetery near Antwerpen, Holland.
  • John Illingworth Hollings, Officer Cadet, 6477407, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Son of Mr and Mrs A Hollings, of Aberystwyth. He was an Officer Cadet with the Royal Fusiliers when he died on 16 May 1942, aged 21. Buried at Aberystwyth Cemetery.
  • Gwynne Morgan Hughes, Driver, T/220892, Royal Army Service Corps. Son of David James Hughes and Annie Hughes, of Aberystwyth. Served during the war with the Royal Army Service Corps. He survived the war but died on 6 January 1947, aged 35. Buried in Aberystwyth Cemetery.
  • Hector Morgan Hughes, Able Seaman, Merchant Navy. Born in Aberystwyth 1903. Served aboard cargo steamer SS Llanashe. On 17 February 1943 the ship was torpedoed by German submarine U-182 while carrying tinplate and aluminium from New York to Port Elizabeth. The ship sank with the loss of 28 men, including Hector, aged 39. He is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, London.
  • Oswald James Hughes, Able Seaman, C/JX 241255, Royal Navy. Son of Oswald and Edith Hughes, of Aberystwyth. Served on merchant steamer SS Walnut, which was declared a war loss after disappearing during a voyage from Liverpool for Newry with a cargo of coal. The journey had started on 27 October 1941. Oswald was 18 years old, and is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent.
  • William James Hughes, Seaman, LT/JX 206369, Royal Naval Patrol Service. Son of John William and Catherine Mary Hughes, of Aberystwyth, husband of Jane Olwen Hughes, of Aberystwyth. Served on HM Trawler Bredon, a Hill-class anti-submarine escort trawler. On 8 February 1943 the ship was working off the Canary Islands when sunk by German submarine U-521 with the loss of 41 lives. William was 32 years old. Commemorated on the Lowestoft Naval Memorial, Suffolk.
  • Owen Henry Humphreys, Captain, 244160, General List. Owen, known as Harry, was the son of Owen and Caroline Humphreys, of Aberystwyth. He was commissioned from the Royal Army Service Corps on 26 August 1942, joining the General List of officers. He took part in the Normandy invasion and liberation of Belgium and Holland in 1944. He was killed near Brussels on 7 December 1944, aged 33, and is buried in Brussels Town Cemetery, Belgium. Within a month, he was Mentioned in Despatches.
  • David Dennis James, Telegraphist, D/JX 211773, Royal Navy. Served on the frigate HMS Mourne, sunk by  German submarine U-767 on 15 June 1944 while supporting the Normandy landings. David is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon.
  • John Herbert James, Fusilier, 4204148, Royal Welch Fusiliers. Son of Hugh Owen James and Elizabeth James, of Aberystwyth. Served with the 70th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers, a young soldiers’ battalion. John died on active service at Sleaford, Lincolnshire, on 19 May 1943, aged 26. Buried at Penygarn Calvinistic Methodist Cemetery, Tirymynach.
  • John Samuel Jarman, Sergeant, 1617852, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Born at Aberystwth in 1908, son of Thomas Edward Jarman and Esther Jarman. At some time between the wars, the family moved to 7 Cumberland Road, Swindon. In 1939 John joined the RAF and worked at the Air Ministry as an Air Service Assistant Clerk. He died at the RAF Hospital at Wroughton, Wiltshire, on 24 November 1944, aged 35. Buried in Swindon (Christ Church) Burial Ground.
  • Evan James Jenkins, Leading Seaman, LT/5806D, Royal Naval Reserve (Patrol Service). Son of David and Jane Jenkins of Aberystwyth, husband of Anice Nora Jenkins, of Cardiff. He served with the Royal Naval Reserve and was mobilised at the outbreak of war, joining the Royal Naval Patrol Service. He served on HM Trawler Rubens an anti-submarine trawler which was sunk by a German Focke-Wulf 200 on 21 February 1941, about 230 miles south west of Ireland. Evan was 36 years old. Commemorated on the Lowestoft Naval Memorial, Suffolk.
  • G Jenkins, Royal Artillery.
  • Leslie Howard Jenkins, Sergeant, 577165, Royal Air Force. Born at Aberystwyth in 1922, son of George and Bessie Jenkins. Served as a Flight Engineer with 90 Squadron, part of No. 2 Group RAF. In November 1942 the Squadron reformed as part of No. 3 (Bomber) Group, equipped with the Short Stirling Mk I, and began mining sorties in January 1943. Leslie died, aged 20, when his Stirling was lost on one such operation on 4 February 1943. Buried in Montfoort General Cemetery, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • David Lloyd Jones, Flight Sergeant, 975131, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Husband of Gwendoline Eva Jones, son of John William and Elizabeth Ann Jones, of Aberystwyth. Worked in the National Library of Wales before becoming a Navigator with 115 Squadron. From the spring of 1943 the squadron flew the Avro Lancaster. David died at Ely, Cambridgeshire, on 19 April 1944, aged 30, possibly after returning from a mission. He was brought home for burial in Aberystwyth Cemetery.
  • David Thomas Jones, Aircraftman 1st Class, 1120283, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Son of William and Elizabeth Jones, of Aberystwyth, husband of Molly Jones, of Aberystwyth. He died on active service at Swansea on 12 April 1943, aged 35, and was brought home for burial at Aberystwyth Cemetery.
  • Edgar John Jones, Private, D/37528, South Wales Borderers. Son of Edwin and Sofia Jones of Aberystwyth, husband of Florence May Jones, of Bedwellty. Served with the 5th (Home Defence) Battalion, South Wales Borderers. He died on active service on 13 November 1941, aged 48. Buried in Bedwellty (St Sannan) Churchyard.
  • Evan Morgan Jones, Seaman, Merchant Navy. Son of John James Jones, coal merchant, of 6 Queen Street, Aberystwyth. He was home on leave when he accidentally drowned at Aberystwyth on 5 July 1942, aged 31.
  • George Rowland Jones, Sergeant, 3909865, South Wales Borderers. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Jones, of Aberystwyth. Served in the 2nd Battalion, South Wales Borderers, the only Welsh unit to land on D-Day. In September the battalion was part of a force ordered to seize the port of Le Havre. After two days of bitter fighting, the Borderers had achieved their objective. George was killed here on 11 September 1944, aged 26. Buried in Ste Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France.
  • Gwilym Louis Gobert Jones, Second Officer, Merchant Navy. Gwilym, known as Louis, was son of Lieut Gwilym Jones and of Margaret Jones, of Aberystwyth. He served aboard SS Tymeric, sunk by a German submarine on 23 November 1940 while in convoy and carrying a cargo of coal from Hull to Buenos Aires. Louis was among the 71 men who died. He was 24 years old, and is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, London.
  • Harold Frederick Jones, Flying Officer, 54704, Royal Air Force. Son of Amy Jones, of Aberystwyth. Served as an Air Gunner with 622 Squadron, a heavy bomber unit equipped with the Avro Lancaster Mark III. On 6 November 1944, Harold’s Lancaster formed part of a force of 738 aircraft which attacked the Nordstern synthetic-oil plant. His plane was lost during the raid. He is buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany, and commemorated on his parents’ grave at Aberystwyth Cemetery.
  • John James Jones, Royal Air Force. Reported missing in February 1945.
  • Louis Fleming Jones, MA, Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Son of Edward and Elizabeth Jones, of Aberystwyth. Served aboard HM Submarine Simoom, lost in November 1943 in the Dardanelles area, Turkey. Louis was 24 years old, and is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire.
  • Richard Trefor Jones, Gunner, 1832882, Royal Artillery. Son of Richard and Elizabeth Jane Jones, husband of Florence Ena Jones, of Caeffynon, Aberystwyth. Served with 145 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery. He died, aged 42, at Aberystwyth Hospital on 13 June 1945. Buried in Aberystwyth Cemetery. His father was killed on service in France in the First World War, and is also named on Aberystwyth war memorial.soldier icon
  • Stanley Jones, Driver, 14429117, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Son of Owen and Florence Jones, of Aberystwyth. Stanley was accidentally killed on 3 December 1943, aged 18. Buried in Aberystwyth Cemetery.