Anglia Pipedream catamaran, Cardiff Bay

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Photo of Anglia PipedreamIf you look along the path here you’ll see a unique catamaran called Anglia Pipedream. It was built in 1976 and designed for fast sailing but also ease of transport. While it’s not exactly flat-pack, it can be dismantled to travel on a lorry 12 metres (40ft) long.

The boat is 11 metres long and weighs 3.5 tons. It got its name because it began as a pipedream for sailors Hugh Tusting and Morris Arthur. A large group of volunteers supported the project and television company Anglia was the largest donor of funds. The boat has cruised around Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France. Mr Arthur donated it to the World of Boats museum in 1997.

Today it’s one of more than 40 rare or unique boats in the museum’s collection at Cardiff Bay. The exhibits come from several continents and show how boats have been used for many purposes including fishing, transport and leisure. An exhibition shows how boats evolved over millennia from simple dugouts to modern racing yachts.

Inside you can see historic boats undergoing restoration. One of the largest is a 1995-built replica of an armed tops’l schooner, a type which was popular in the 18th and early 19th centuries for its speed. It would often be used to convey messages, long before radio was invented, between naval ships of the line and between the ships and their bases.

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