Conwy Cenotaph SWW Surnames A-G

Second World War (1939-45)

The following men from the Conwy area died in active service.

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  • Joseph Walter Armstrong, Sergeant, 1078075, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 14 Squadron. Died 09/05/1943. Commemorated on Malta memorial. Son of Charles Robert and Henrietta Jessie Armstrong of Llandudno Junction.
  • Richard Charlwood Barker, Sergeant Pilot, 1006907, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 75 Squadron. Died 15/10/1941. Buried at Reichswald Forest war cemetery, Reichswald Forest war cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Son of George Guyse Barker and Annie Barker of Deganwy.
  • John Edward Blundell, Gunner, 890652, Royal Artillery 69 (The Denbighshire Yeomanry) Medium Regiment. Died 28/05/1940. Buried at Kemmel Chateau military cemetery, Belgium. Son of John Edward and Lily May Blundell, of Llandudno Junction, Caernarvonshire.
  • Richard Stephen Brown, Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Died 14/05/1940 when HMS Wivern, a V & W-class Destroyer, was damaged while aiding the evacuation of the Hook of Holland. Commemorated at Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Son of Harold Sutton Brown and Margaret Brown of Deganwy.
  • Peter Buckley-Holmes, Flying Officer 90038. Died 23/01/1941 aged 32. Royal Air Force (Auxiliary Air Force). Buried Drumbeg (St Patrick) Church Of Ireland Churchyard. Son of Buckley and Ethel Holmes; husband of Dorothy Holmes of Belfast.
  • Richard Alfred Coward, Sergeant 1058535. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve - 104 Squadron. Died 13/05/1942 aged 30. Alamein Memorial. Son of George and Edith Coward; husband of Mabel Irene Coward, of Gravesend, Kent. Richard and Mabel lived at Gwynant, Victoria Drive, Llandudno Junction.
  • James Craven, Petty Officer, LT/JX205302, Royal Naval Patrol Service. Died 27/02/1945. Buried at St Agnes Churchyard, Conwy. See bottom of page for more details
  • A G Davies, Guardsman, 2737191, Welsh Guards, First Battalion. Died 11/08/1944. Buried at Bayeux war cemetery, France. Son of Robert and Catherine Davies of Llandudno Junction.
  • Edwin Davies, Driver, T/168429, Royal Army Service Corps, 55 Infantry Brigade Group Company. Died 12/09/1944. Commemorated on Brookwood memorial, Surrey. Son of John and Mary Hannah Davies of Deganwy.
  • Hugh Caradog Davies, Fusilier, 14731130, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 4th Battalion. Died 25/04/1945. Buried at Becklingen war cemetery, Niedersachsen, Germany. Son of Hugh and Ellen Elizabeth Davies, husband of Vera D Davies of Dolgarrog, Conwy Valley.
  • Richard Thomas Davis, Sergeant, 4188522, Royal Welch Fusiliers 4th Battalion. Died 14/08/1944 aged 33. Buried at Banneville-la-Campagne War Cemetery, France. Son of Richard and Mary Elizabeth Davis, of 3 Penmaen Road, Conwy; husband of Elizabeth Davis, of Craig-y-don, Llandudno.soldier icon
  • John William Dodd, Steward, Merchant Navy. Died 07/12/1942 aged 55. Commemorated at Tower Hill memorial, London. Husband of Gwendoline Dodd of Llandudno Junction (official death record states wife was named Winifred). Lived at 8 Penrhos Avenue, Llandudno Junction. See bottom of page for more details
  • Cyril Thomas Eaton, Pilot Flight Sergeant, 1056198, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 70 Squadron. Died 04/12/1942, aged 25. Buried at Tobruk war cemetery, Libya. Son of William and Elizabeth Eaton of Ye Old College (men’s clothes shop), Conwy. Commemorated at St John’s Methodist Church, Conwy.
  • Herbert Ellis Edwards, Sapper, 14880140, Royal Engineers. Died 24/06/1945. Buried at Bron y Nant Cemetery, Mochdre. Son of Edward and Lizzie Edwards of Llandudno Junction.
  • Thomas Edwards, Third Officer. Merchant Navy – SS Empire Caribou (London). Died 10/05/1941, aged 49. Commemorated at Tower Hill Memorial. Born in Liverpool. Last place of abode: Rhos Cottages, Woodlands, Conwy. Died with 30 fellow crew members and two gunners after the ship was torpedoed southwest of Iceland.
  • Thomas Carey Ellis, private, 976437, York and Lancaster Regiment, the Hallamshire Battalion. Died 30/11/1944. Buried at Venray war cemetery, The Netherlands. Son of John and Mary Ellis of Llanrhos.
  • A Evans, Royal Air Force
  • Thomas Arthur Evans, Flying Officer, 159086, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 578 Squadron. Died 31/03/1944. Buried at Llanrhos Churchyard.
  • Arthur Fryer, Sergeant Air Gunner, 626227, Royal Air Force, 77 Squadron. Died 28/05/1940. Buried at Campigneulles-Les-Grandes churchyard, France. Son of Francis James Fryer and Margaret Fryer of Conwy. Brother of David George Fryer – see below.
  • David George Fryer, Driver, T/14371925, Royal Army Service Corps. Died 24/07/1944, aged 20. Buried at Conwy cemetery. Son of Francis James Fryer and Margaret Fryer of Conwy. Brother of Arthur Fryer – see above. Commemorated at St John’s Methodist Church, Conwy.
  • Edward Willoughby Gardener, Captain 35506. Died 18/10/1945 aged 37. King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. Rangoon Memorial. Son of Willoughby and Florence Gardner; husband of Nancy Gardner of Old Coulsdon, Surrey.
  • Arthur Harold Hildreth Griffith, Commander, Royal Naval Reserve. Died 18/04/1941. Awarded Distinguished Service Cross and Royal Naval Reserve Officers’ Decoration (RD). Commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial. Lived at Angorfa, Albert Drive, Deganwy. Executors of his will were Bertha Lilian Griffiths and Alfred Lingham Corlett. See bottom of page for more details
  • David Griffiths, Sergeant, Royal Welch Fusiliers
  • William Griffiths, Fusilier D/6462, Royal Welch Fusiliers 11th (HD) Battalion. Died 21/06/1940. Buried at St Agnes Churchyard, Conwy. Son of Richard and Elizabeth Griffiths, husband of Elizabeth Griffiths of Conwy.


Additional information on some of the men listed above

James Craven, Petty Officer, LT/JX205302, Royal Naval Patrol Service. Died 27/02/1945. He was based at HMS Europa, the headquarters of the RNPS at Lowestoft, Suffolk. More than 70,000 men were based there, operating some 6,000 minesweepers. Most of the vessels were converted trawlers, launches, whaling boats etc. The task of minesweepers was to detect and remove mines (floating bombs) from shipping routes.

John William Dodd, Steward, Merchant Navy. Died 07/12/1942. He was on SS Ceramic, am 18,000-ton passenger liner built in 1913 for the White Star Line. The ship was a troopship in World War 1 and World War 2. On 23 November 1942 it left Liverpool bound for Durban and Sydney, carrying 378 passengers (including 12 children). In the Azores region on 7 December, the ship was torpedoed several times by a Nazi U-Boat. Many of the survivors were still alive, in lifeboats or wearing lifejackets in the sea, when the U-Boat returned to the scene of the sinking. The U-Boat crew chose one man to rescue, a sapper from the Royal Engineers, and left the rest – to drown. The sapper was the only survivor of the 656 who had sailed from Liverpool.

Arthur Harold Hildreth Griffith, Commander, Royal Naval Reserve. Died 18/04/1941. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in recognition of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy at sea. He served on HMS Fiona. This ship was previously SS Juna, a 2,200-ton passenger ship built in Dundee in 1927. It was bombed on 18 April 1941 at Sidi Barrani, Egypt, by Nazi aircraft while acting as a Naval escort vessel.