Garth Mill, Ffynnongroyw

link_to_french_translationGarth Mill, Ffynnongroyw

This building, now a pub, was built in 1743 as a corn mill. It was owned by the Mostyn estate and produced feed for livestock on local farms, and for the ponies which worked underground at the nearby Point of Ayr coal mine. In the 20th century, demand for the mill’s produce dwindled as rival feed was transported from further afield. Garth Mill closed in 1956. It was used into the 1960s as premises for a business which retreaded old road vehicle tyres. Later the building fell into dereliction.

The mill was sold by the Mostyn estate and in 1983 it was restored and opened as a pub by Red and Jay Williams. It occupies a charming spot between a ford and a steep wooded bank. The Wales Coast Path climbs the hillside behind, offering an aerial view over the site. The pub has limited opening hours. Tel: 01745 560141.

Either side of the right-hand doorway are three flower images, carved into the rough-hewn stone from which the mill was built. Nobody knows when or why they were carved.

There was once a hamlet in this vicinity called Llinegr, whose name is explained here.

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Postcode: CH8 9HB

FOOTNOTES: Personal recollections of the mill

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