In memory of Arthur Bevan Jones

In memory of Arthur Bevan Jones

Pilot Officer Arthur Bevan Jones was killed on 19 July 1940 aged 18 years old, writes Adrian Hughes. He was born in Bangor, where his father was registrar at the university. He first attended the University College kindergarten. He went to Friars School before moving to the independent St Bees School, Cumbria. It was at St Bees that he excelled in both the scholastic and athletic curriculum and was captain of the rugby team and senior steeplechase champion.  In addition he loved the outdoors and was keen on golfing and on climbing, fishing and shooting in the Lake District and Snowdonia.

He volunteered for the RAF in July 1939 and despite being the youngest member of his squadron took part in many raids over occupied France and Holland as well as over Germany.  He was flying Bristol Blenheim bombers out of RAF West Raynham when he died.

He was immensely proud to serve his country, like other members of his family before him. His uncle was killed in the First World War aged 20, just weeks after being awarded the Military Cross. His father, Elias Henry Jones, was a Lieutenant in the Indian Army. After the First World War EH Jones wrote a book called On the Road to En-Dor where he describes how he and Lieutenant CW Hill (an Australian serving in the RAF) were prisoners of war in Turkey and feigned madness for six months in an attempt to escape captivity. Our page about EH Jones is here.

Arthur Bevan Jones’ niece is the television producer Hilary Bevan Jones. As well as producing shows such as Red Dwarf and State of Play, she also served as Chairman of BAFTA 2006-2008, the first woman to hold this position.

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