Penmaenmawr buildings

photo of penmaenmawr housesPenmaenmawr buildings

There were villages at Capelulo and Dwygyfylchi before the Industrial Revolution reinvigorated local quarrying. The railway company chose Penmaenmawr, the name of the mountain to the west, as the name of its new station. House building accelerated in the vicinity. The local population grew from 200 to 4,000 in just 20 years.

The houses south of the station are on quite a grand scale, reflecting the town’s new status as a seaside resort. Higher up the hillside the town is characterised by rows of basic housing built for quarry workers, starting with New York Cottagesin 1849. The houses were mostly built of the local granite. The stonemasons took pride in cutting clean lines, as demonstrated by the perfectly straight edges on many of the gable ends.

There were once 16 chapels in Penmaenmawr. Most are no longer places of worship and some have found new uses.