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Llandrindod Wells (Powys) in World War 1

Life in Llandrindod Wells was transformed in the First World War, when the usual influx of tourists suddenly stopped and hotels became billets for thousands of Royal Army Medical Corps men and officers. Some of the spa facilities, developed for health tourism, made ideal hospitals for wounded or rheumatic soldiers.

The town welcomed refugees from occupied Belgium and raised funds to aid soldiers and war horses. The temporary residents engaged in musical, theatrical and sporting entertainment, sometimes sharing platforms with locals.

Army deserters were taken to courts martial in the town, and a tribunal decided whether local men – including conscientious objectors – should be exempted from military service. As the war ground on, more and more men left their homes and workplaces in Llandrindod to serve, and more and more were reported wounded or killed. Some families lost more than one person.

Now you can discover how the war affected the town by following our self-guided trail. Simply scan the QR codes at any of the featured places to start. When you’ve read the text for that location, click “Next” to see the text and map for the next place on the trail. Eventually you’ll return to your starting point.

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War Memorial
Grand Pavillion
Albert Hall
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The complete circuit is about 2.3km (about 1.4 miles).

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