Royal Mail office, Chepstow

link_to_french_translationRoyal Mail office, Station Road

This building was erected in 1923 when Chepstow’s post office moved from Beaufort Square. There was some protest at the time against the post office moving out of the centre of the town but the new building meant that the distribution centre was nearer to the railway, which carried all the mail at that time. The building provided a prestigious public facility, in the house style of the post office at that time.

In 1988 the post office counter business was closed and transferred back to the town centre, at Albion Square. It has since moved again, to Welsh Street. Since 1988 the Station Road premises has been devoted to sorting mail and delivery.

Around the corner from the frontage, on School Hill, a plaque by the Chepstow Society is attached to the building. It includes an illustration of the premises decorated for the Jubilee in 1935, with delivery staff, telegram boys etc lined up. The town’s telephone exchange was built alongside the Post Office building in 1955. This is where operators connected callers to their requested number, before calls were connected automatically.

Many local people remember this Station Road lined with magnificent horse chestnut trees, but these were removed in the 1970s.

Sources: Chepstow Museum and The Town of Chepstow by Ivor Waters (1975)

With thanks to Henry Hodges, of The Chepstow Society

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