The Golden Lion, Denbigh

The Golden Lion, 1 Back Row, Denbigh

This building is thought to date from the 16th century. It was two adjacent properties until a pub landlord took over the adjacent shop, then used by a jeweller, to expand his business.

Cadw, the historic monuments authority for Wales, has suggested that both properties may have been built as shops with living accommodation as far back as the early 16th century, with a hall section behind (where there would have been no ceiling or first floor).

The pebbledash rendering we see today hides the Golden Lion’s timber frame, but the way the first floor overhangs the doorway is a sign that the early owners wanted to display their prosperity. According to Cadw, the frontage was decorated with close studding – a pattern of vertical strips of wood designed to look impressive.

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Postcode: LL16 3TE

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