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May 4, 2013

Resort's Victorian jewels on your phone

Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza wlil attract crowds to the Queen of Welsh Resorts this weekend, and we've created a QR tour ...

to reveal the history and whereabouts of some of the town's 19th-century crown jewels. Places you can read about on the Victorian Highlights tour range from the obvious, like Wales' longest pier, to the obscure, like the town's Victorian police station - now a house but with a bars across a former cell window. You can read how a record shop was originally used to stage for Mozart operas, and how people were entertained at Britain's oldest Punch & Judy or by a stuntman in a glass tank who held world records.Then there's the world's first art gallery built for women only, in a rebuff to the sexism of the day.
You can start the tour by scanning a QR at any point on the circuit, for example at the St George's Hotel, and continue at your own pace. To read the intro to the tour, click here