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Jun 29, 2015

Valleys trader who saved battleship

To the residents of Cwmcarn, in the Gwent Valleys, Royden Jandrell was just an ordinary shopkeeper and family man. But before he settled into this quiet life, he won a medal ...

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Posted by: RhodriC

for his part in saving one of the Royal Navy's most powerful battleships. After it had helped to sink the feared German battleship Bismarck, his own ship, HMS Rodney, was itself at risk of sinking. Royden and a comrade volunteered to venture into the darkness deep down inside the ship to seal off the propulsion machinery. For more on this dramatic story, scan the HistoryPoints QR codes in the window of the newsagent's shop in Newport Road, Cwmcarn - the shop Royden kept for 46 years. Or click here