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Nov 17, 2015

100 years since hospital ship loss

The Holyhead ferry SS Anglia was converted to a hospital ship in the First World War. The red crosses on its sides were no defence against the mine which sank it 100 years ago today ...

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Posted by: RhodriC

as it approached Dover with 390 wounded soldiers on board. Among the dead were 23 Holyhead seamen, including several teenagers. The ship's anchor was later recovered from the seabed and now sits on a plinth at Holyhead's Newry Beach, where it forms a memorial to all of the town's mariners who were killed in the First and Second World Wars. For more information, scan the QR codes on the low wall by the anchor or in the window of the solicitors' office beside Holyhead cenotaph. Or click here for information about the Anglia anchor memorial, or here to read details of the sailors who died.