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May 6, 2017

Flint's normal Oddfellows

Flint's prominent Oddfellows' Hall has the letters MU above its date. If you're thinking Manchester United, you're only a letter or two out. The initials are ...

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Posted by: RhodriC

those of the Manchester Unity order of Oddfellows, which broke away from the long-established order in 1810. The Oddfellows were a form of friendly society, long before the welfare state. For example, Flint's Oddfellows paid a weekly pension to a former saddler before his death in 1898. The land for their hall was donated by the Muspratt family, which had made its fortune from establishing an alkali works in Flint. For more about the building and the Oddfellows, scan the HistoryPoints QR codes to the left of the entrance to Gap Personnel's offices on the ground floor. Or click here