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Jul 11, 2019

Wales v England at the mill

There was trouble at t'mill in Newtown in 1875 after English workers were brought in to work new weaving looms. They resented Welsh employees being trained on the machinery, and violence broke out. The chief constable ...

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himself was part of the police presence at the Cambrian mill the next morning, ensuring that production could continue. In the 20th century the mill caught fire. Local people were viewing the wreckage when a wall collapsed, killing a man and an infant. Later the site was used for training ex-servicemen who had returned from the First World War. For more on these stories, use your mobile to scan the HistoryPoints QR codes on the footbridge beside the car park on the opposite side of the river Severn from the mill site, now occupied by Cambrian Gardens (the QR codes are at the top of the steps and at the top of the ramp). Or click here