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Sep 3, 2019

WW2 evacuation stories on mobiles

A huge movement of people, organisations and valuable objects to Wales got underway 80 years ago, and now you can use your mobile to discover how familiar places helped to provide shelter from ...

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Posted by: RhodriC

aerial bombardment or the feared invasion of Britain. We have produced QR codes for more than 40 places which are linked to the story of evacuation to Wales in the Second World War, including premises occupied by the Inland Revenue in Llandudno, the Ministry of Food in Colwyn Bay and numerous businesses and military establishments which did vital war work. Places connected to the mass evacuation of children include an isolation hospital set up during an epidemic of skin diseases, buildings pressed into use as schools, and the grave of a girl killed on railway tracks in Cardiff after being moved from London for her safety. At each place, simply scan the QR codes with your mobile to read the story. Or you can find all of the stories listed on this web page