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Mar 8, 2021

More women's history on mobiles

Our coverage of Women's history received excellent press and TV publicity on International Women's Day 2019, and since then we've added many more stories to the list shown on this page. QR codes in Bethesda allow people to read how Elizabeth Williams ...

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was prosecuted for protesting during the Great Strike 120 years ago because it was deemed beneficial "to have one of the fair sex before the Bench". Our QR codes at St Peter's Church in Lampeter provide information about the grave of Leokadia Krzepisz, who received Poland’s Cross of Valour for her work in the Polish resistance and contribution to the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. In Queen Street, Abergavenny, our QR codes commemorate Wendy Boston's teddy-bear factory, which pioneered safety features on soft toys. And we've updated our information about the lifeboat stations at Porthcawl and Little Haven to highlight the achievements of fearless female crew members who have both received the MBE honour in the last few years. These are just some of the stories of remarkable women which we've added since 2019, and more will follow as Covid-19 restrictions are eased.