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Feb 18, 2023

North Cardiff's canal traced

The Glamorganshire Canal through Cardiff's northern suburbs was filled in after WW2 but now you can use your smartphone to see aerial photos of the route and read canal stories. Our new QR codes in Gabalfa and Llandaff North extend our tour along ...

the canal route which previously covered the city centre and Butetown. Scan the codes with your smartphone to discover a relic of the canal near Tesco in Gabalfa and to understand the reason for the twist in the road by Disraeli House (formerly the Cow & Snuffers). Or scan the QR codes by the car park in Hailey Park to see where the canal ran alongside the park, and perhaps walk on to the restored Melingriffith pump, where our interpretation includes aerial photos of the tinplate works which stood beside the canal.