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Aug 19, 2023

Train-crash victims' stories

People often visit the mass grave in Abergele of the 33 who died in the Irish Mail crash on 20 August 1868, but the gravestone only gives a list of names. Now HistoryPoints QR codes reveal the stories of each person who was killed, including ...

the train driver who died of his injuries later. The victims' details were researched for HistoryPoints by genealogist Dr Hazel Pierce, who said: "The first class carriages were at the front of the Irish Mail. Those who died were mainly wealthy people who could afford the higher fares but the accident also claimed the lives of a 10-year-old girl and various working people, including servants and three railway workers. They all deserve to be remembered, as well as the effect their deaths had on those they left behind.” To discover the stories, scan the QR codes with your smartphone as you visit the grave, or click here