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Nov 11, 2023

Enlightenment in Carmarthenshire

During Europe's 'Age of Enlightenment' in the 18th century, a chain of events in Carmarthenshire sparked a revolution in rural schooling which rapidly made Wales one of Europe's most literate nations. Now you can scan HistoryPoints QR codes at ...

key locations in Carmarthenshire to discover the stories of remarkable individuals such as the teacher and priest Griffith Jones, who launched the 'Circulating Schools' concept, and Peter Williams, whose affordable version of the Bible sold in huge numbers - ensuring that most Welsh homes had reading material. The web pages form a 'Carmarthenshire Enlightenment tour' which you can follow from Llanddowror church (where Griffith Jones' sermons attracted thousands of people) to Llandyfaelog (where Peter Williams lived after being excommunicated over a theological disagreement). Click here for our page about Llanddowror church, or here for a map of all of the tour locations.