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This building was opened in 1999 to house a permanent exhibition and information centre dedicated to Offa’s Dyke and the Offa’s Dyke Path. It is the main source of information, maps, guides and memorabilia for people walking the path.

The centre is run by the Offa’s Dyke Association, which leases the building from Powys County Council. It replaced an earlier centre in the old school next door, now the workshop of artist Andy Hazell.

The Offa’s Dyke Association was founded in 1969 by local historian, teacher and Offa’s Dyke enthusiast Frank Noble. The association campaigned successfully for the opening of the Offa’s Dyke Path. The opening ceremony took place in 1971 in Pinners Hole, which is the lower part of the park behind the centre.  A commemorative stone in Pinners Hole stands on one of the few publicly-owned sections of Offa’s Dyke.

The Dyke is an ancient earthwork built in the late 8th century on the orders of King Offa of Mercia to mark out the western edge of his kingdom. By tradition it has become the border between England and Wales, so that to “cross Offa’s Dyke” means to travel from one country to the other. About 130km of the Dyke can still be seen today.

With thanks to Jim Saunders, of the Offa’s Dyke Association

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