Llandudno's first bank

link to French translationLlandudno’s first bank, 72 Church Walks, Llandudno

Bella Vista, 72 Church Walks, was Llandudno’s first bank. The building was leased by the National Provincial Bank of England in 1866. By this time, with the demise of the copper mining industry, the area was becoming the administrative centre of the growing town.

It was an hotel for many decades until 1988, when it became the detached up market annexe of the nearby Empire Hotel.

More about the bank:
The name National Provincial Bank of England was bestowed in 1833 on the former Royal Bank (founded five years earlier). The bank’s aim was to open branches in England and Wales outside the 105km limit around London. It issued its own banknotes and had only an administrative office in London. Its first Welsh branch was in Brecon. It later became the National Provincial & Union Bank of England, then National Provincial Bank and eventually (in 1970) National Westminster Bank.

With thanks to John Lawson-Reay, of the Llandudno & Colwyn Bay History Society

Where is this HiPoint?

Postcode: LL30 2HE

Website of the Empire Hotel


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