Siop y Llan, Eglwysbach

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Siop y Llan, Eglwysbach

Villagers could once buy all manner of goods from an array of shops along the main street. Now the village’s retail activity is concentrated in Siop y Llan, which incorporates the Post Office. This building was previously known as Liverpool House and at various times was a grocer’s shop, a butcher’s shop (twice) and a sweet shop.

The next building to the north, now a dwelling, was London House, where locals bought clothes. On Fair Day, J O Lloyd the draper would hire the village school (closed for a day’s holiday) to sell new clothes to the young men and women who had been hired as labourers and servants on the farms. Typically these would be corduroy trousers and a linen jacket for the lads, and new dresses or aprons for the women.

London House was also an ironmonger’s shop, stocking farm goods – such as seeds, sheep dip and animal medicine – as well as household supplies including paraffin for lamps, cooking utensils, sugar and tea. Among the medications available were Tincture of Rhubarb, an aid to digestion. Mr Lloyd was also something of a vet and known for making horse medicine.

When he needed a young apprentice in 1900, he stipulated a good education and “Welsh indispensable”. He died in 1904, after 25 years in business in the village.

Dental health wasn’t great in Eglwysbach in 1910, it appears. A Colwyn Bay shop which specialised in false teeth found it worthwhile sending a representative to London House every Wednesday!

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