National Cycle Network

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The National Cycle Network consists of long-distance routes across Britain. You can use your mobile phone and HistoryPoints QR codes along our featured routes to learn about the history of the places you pass. We’re also providing explanations of hill and town names – you can even click to hear the pronunciation of some of the trickier Welsh names!

Choose a route from the menu on the left (or the list below) to get started. Or simply scan one of our barcodes along the route as you cycle along. Then you can use the NCN banner near the bottom of that page to view the next page in your direction of travel. Each location is mapped.

Our NCN Tours follow:

Route 4 - which runs from Fishguard to the Severn Bridge (the route continues to London)

Route 5 - which runs from Holyhead along the North Wales coast to Flintshire (the route continues to Reading)

Route 8 - which runs from Holyhead through Mid Wales to Cardiff (route also known as Lôn Las Cymru)

Route 42 - which diverges from Route 8 at Glasbury (Powys) and runs to Chepstow (an alternative southern leg of Lôn Las Cymru)

You can view maps and other information about the NCN at this website.