Old Amroth school

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The former school building opposite St Elidyr’s Church was erected in the 1870s on land given by Samuel Kay of Colby Lodge. It originally had one large room with tiered seats at one end. While major alterations were made in 1905, children attended a temporary school in a cottage near Amroth Castle.

Much further back in time, there were two schools: near the castle for children in the east of the parish, and at Merrixton (the place-name means 'Meurug's farm') for the west side. Businessman David Rees, born in Amroth, had made his fortune in London and left money in trust at his death in 1789 for the “gratuitous instruction of an unlimited number of children of both sexes”. There was £15 per year for employment of a schoolmaster and school maintenance, and £5 per year to be divided between the most deserving of the poor.

Reading and writing were taught free of charge to all children, but families had to pay around three shillings per quarter if they wanted their children to learn arithmetic. Schooling took place in a building in the church grounds until the 1870s.

David Rees is buried in St Elidyr’s churchyard. Amroth’s children continue to benefit from his gift. In 1884 the Educational Charity of David Rees was established to continue the work. Today it’s managed by trustees selected from Amroth Community Council. Money is given to all Amroth-resident children when they transition from primary to secondary education, to assist with family expenses at this time of change and help the children enjoy the start of secondary school.

The old school building became a private residence after closure in 1982. The former schoolmaster’s house (also a private residence) is attached to the side, with a Victorian post box (still in use) by the gates.

Amroth children now travel to schools in nearby communities. Representatives of Amroth Community Council sit on the boards of governors for Tavernspite and Stepaside schools.

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