Holyhead Maritime Museum

Holyhead Maritime Museum

The museum, founded in the 1980s, is run by volunteers. Some are experienced historians, others simply want to help with organising exhibitions and running the museum, including the gift shop and reception. The guides who take visitors around the displays are also volunteers.

If you would like to join the team of volunteers, contact the museum at: maritimemuseumholyhead@gmail.com 

HiPoints collection:
Holyhead Maritime Museum - occupies Wales' oldest lifeboat house

Former air-raid shelter - often used by Dutch naval personnel in the 1940s, now hosts wartime museum displays
French privateer cannons - dumped overboard when a storm foiled a kidnap attempt in 1710
Captain Skinner monument - memorial to USA-born captain who lost and eye and arm in battles
Dutch Navy memorial - More than 100 Dutch mariners were based in Holyhead in Second World War
Porth Thomas Hughes - honouring a brave sailor who rescued a woman and infant from Holyhead dock in 1853
Former Eagle & Child Inn- home of John Fox Russell, awarded posthumous Victoria Cross in First World War
Site of Breakwater railway - originally broad gauge. Carried millions of tonnes of stone

Grave of Captain Pinchin, Conwy - LNWR's commodore captain for 12 years. He commanded TSS Scotia in peacetime and wartime