Llansteffan war memorial

Llansteffan war memorial

The village’s main war memorial takes the form of this Memorial Hall. Local people who died in the First and Second World Wars are listed on the façade. To discover who they were, choose a list below.

The lists include some local people who died in the wars but are not commemorated locally, along with details of a Llansteffan man killed in the Boer War. We are grateful to Steven John for the research. You can read more about the individuals on his website here.

It was not until 1939 that Llansteffan acquired its Memorial Hall, although memorials to the dead of the First World War had been placed in local chapels and Llansteffan church. The hall’s erection owed more to the need for a public hall than to commemorating the fallen. Apparently, the vicar was no longer allowing the Church Hall (a tin shed built in 1924) and the school (a Church school) to be used for the usual village functions, and so in 1937 a Public Hall Committee was set up.

The committee’s president was Thomas Brown Stephens, of The Grove. He donated the land, formerly the site of a bakery, for the Memorial Hall. Mrs Sally Cliff John donated £500 and the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust £435. The villagers raised the remainder of the £2,700 required.

The architect was Leonard Crabbe and the building contractor Rees Davies, of Carmarthen. At the back of the stage was a mural painting of Llansteffan Castle and beach, by Carmarthen artist TC Evans.

Bronze tablets inscribed with the names of the fallen were placed either side of the doorway. The opening ceremony was held on 5 May 1939, four months before the outbreak of the Second World War. In due course, tablets recording the dead of that war were added to the facade.

The hall remains a focalpoint for village activities, including an annual service on Remembrance Day.

With thanks to Eiluned Rees of Llansteffan History Society and to Steven John

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Boer War

First World War

Second World War


Boer War (1899-1901)

  • William Ivor Morgan, Lance Corporal, Midland Mounted Rifles. Killed in action near Waterkloof, Mortimer, on 20 June 1901, aged 20. Buried at Cradock, Eastern Cape. Son of John and Ann Morgan, of Llansteffan. John was head of the village’s National School. William emigrated to South Africa. Named on Carmarthen’s county Boer war memorial but not at Llansteffan Memorial Hall. His brother John Herbert Morgan died in the First World War.
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First World War

  • William Wood Brailsford, Private, 1050, Australian Imperial Force. Died on 20 July 1916, aged 31. Buried at Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery, France. Born in Llansteffan. Son of Thomas Stanley Brailsford and Martha Anne Brailsford. William was an orchardist in Tasmania, Australia, before the war. Fell ill during the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 and died in the Battle of the Somme. Not named on Llansteffan war memorial.
  • John Tyssil Davies, Lieutenant, Royal Navy. Died after an operation for appendicitis on 21 January 1918, aged 37. Buried at Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent. Son of the Reverend Daniel Samuel Davies, vicar of Llanybri, and Margaret Davies. Married Sybil Evelyn HH Harding. The couple lived at Park Villa, Llansteffan. Also named on Whitland Grammar School war memorial and at Mumbles, where his brother, Reverend Latimer Davies, was curate of Oystermouth church.
  • John Davies, Private, 320373, Welsh Regiment. Died on 6 November 1917, aged 34. Buried at Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel. Son of John and Mary Davies, of Factory Road, Llansteffan. John lived at Glyn Cottage, Llangain, and left a widow and two children.
  • Brother of William Charles Davies, below.
  • William Charles Davies, Private, 3365, 10th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force. Killed in action on 30 May 1918, aged 31. Buried at Borre British Cemetery. Son of John and Mary Davies, of Dyffryn Factory, Llansteffan Road, Carmarthen. William worked as a groom in Western Australia. Wounded in action and later sentenced to five years’ penal servitude for deserting his post, but he rejoined his battalion in France.
  • William David Davies, Private, 52657, Welsh Regiment. Died in hospital on 25 April 1918, aged 21. Buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, France. Born at Trenewydd, Newchurch. Son of John and Mary Davies. The family later lived at Greencastle, Llangain. Also commemorated on Llangain war memorial.
  • Thomas Howells, Private, M2/046283, Royal Army Service Corps. Died of illess on 19 January 1916, aged 36. Buried in Ste Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. Born in Llanybri. Son of John and Mary Howells. Brother of William, below. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • William Howells, Private, 54571, Welsh Regiment. Died of Wounds on 15 April 1918, aged 27. Buried at Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery, Belgium. Born at Star House, Llanybri. Son of John and Mary Howells. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • William Howells, Gunner, 122051, Royal Artillery. Killed on 4 November 1918, aged 23. Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France. Son of Lewis and Mary Howells, of Neptune Villa, Ferryside.
  • David James, Sergeant, 448350, Royal Engineers. Drowned on 30 December 1917, aged 33, after the ship on which he was travelling to Palestine was torpedoed. Alexandria (Chatby) Memorial, Egypt. Born in Llanybri. Son of Thomas and Hannah James. Moved to The Smithy, Llanddowror. in 1908, and married Margaret Thomas of St. Clears in 1910.
  • John James John, Private, 320374, Welsh Regiment. Killed on 21 September 1918. Buried at Unicorn Cemetery, France. Born at Pontygwaith, Rhondda Fach. Son of William and Eliza John. The family later lived at Halfpenny Furze, Laugharne. John moved to Llansteffan to work on a farm before the war. His brother David also fell.
  • Thomas John, Corporal, 13227, Welsh Regiment. Died of wounds on 17 January 1916, aged 32. Buried at Le Touret Military Cemetery. Born in Llansteffan. Son of David and Elizabeth John. Raised by grandparents Thomas and Mary John of 4 Stratford Villa, The Green.
  • Daniel John Jones, Private, 282285, Lancashire Fusiliers. Died on 29 August 1917, aged 24. Buried at Ramscappelle Road Military Cemetery, Belgium. Son of Daniel and Anne Jones, of Cwrt y Carnau, Llansteffan.
  • Gilbert Lewis Lloyd, Second Lieutenant, London Regiment. Killed on 30 November 1917, aged 29. Cambrai Memorial, France. Born in Llansteffan. Son of Rev William Reece Lloyd, vicar of Llansteffan and Llanddarog, and Emily Elizabeth Lloyd. Gilbert studied at Lampeter College, where he is commemorated. He is not named on Llansteffan war memorial.
  • John Herbert Morgan, Lieutenant, Canadian Infantry. Died on 21 February 1918, aged 35, after being run over by a train on a light railway behind the front line. Buried at Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension. Born in Llansteffan on 6 August 1882. Son of John and Ann Morgan. His father was head of the village’s National School. John emigrated to Canada to work as a singing teacher, and married Edna Sophia Brown at Ontario. His brother William Ivor Morgan was killed in the Boer War. Neither brother is commemorated at Llansteffan.
  • Thomas Voyle Morgan, Private, 951, Welsh Guards. Died of wounds on 25 May 1916, aged 27. Buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, France. Born at Cothi Bridge. Son of police constable John Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan. The family lived at Bonvil House, Llansteffan, before 1891. Thomas was a policeman in Merthyr Tydfil before the war, and married Mary Jane James there in 1915.
  • James Stanley Phillips, Private, 39605, South Wales Borderers. Killed on 16 August 1917, aged 20. Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium. Son of David and Anne Phillips, of Parcnwc, Llansteffan.
  • James Meredith Richards, Private, 16609, West Riding Regiment. Killed by a sniper on 19 December 1916, aged 22. Buried at Sailly-Saillisel British Cemetery, France. Son of James L Richards and Ada Janet Richards, of Pantyrathro, Carmarthen. Educated at Llandovery. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • David Arthur Thomas, Second Lieutenant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Killed on 4 May 1917, aged 22. Arras Memorial, France. Son of Rev David E Thomas and Jennie Thomas of Brynllwyfen, Llansteffan. Worked in Lloyds Bank, Llanelli, before enlisting.
  • Thomas Trevor Treharne, Private, 63045, Welsh Regiment. Died of wounds on 24 April 1918, aged 33. Buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, France. Son of Thomas and Mary Treharne, of Plas Road House, Llansteffan. Was a builder before the war. Lived with his wife Margaret Ann at 2 Ivy Cottage, Llansteffan, where their two children were born.
  • John Tucker, Private, 13406, Welsh Regiment. Died on 25 September 1915. Buried at Brown’s Road Military Cemetery, France. Born in Llanybri. Raised by grandparents Thomas and Martha Tucker at Church Cottage, Llanybri. Lived with sister Sarah George and her husband at 19 Lady Street, Kidwelly, before 1911. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • Arthur Williams, Private, 55462, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Killed on 8 October 1918, aged 21. Buried at Bois-des-Angles British Cemetery, Crevecouer-sur-l'Escaut, France. Born at Llansteffan. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • Benjamin Williams, Private, 8001, Welsh Regiment. Died of wounds on 30 January 1915, aged 36. Buried at Le Touquet-Paris Plage Communal Cemetery. Son of Thomas and Anna Williams, of Penybank, Llanybri. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • John Daniel Williams, Lance Sergeant, SE/5364, Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Died of sickness at home on 26 September 1918, aged 52. Buried at Hurstwood General Baptist Chapelyard, Burnley. Son of Mary Williams, of Brook, Llansteffan. Later moved to Burnley with his wife Ada. Served in Salonika from May 1915 until invalided home.
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Second World War

  • George William Reginald Victor Coventry, Lieutenant, Worcestershire Regiment. Killed on 27 May 1940, aged 39. Buried at Givenchy-Les-La-Bassee Communal Cemetery. Born near Llansteffan. Son of the Viscount Deerhurst and Virginia. George succeeded his father as 10th Earl in 1930. Educated at Eton. George is not named on Llansteffan war memorial.
  • Phillip Thomas Davies, Sergeant, 1152952, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Killed on 31 August 1943, aged 20. Runnymede Memorial. Son of Sydney A and Gwladys Davies, of Llanybri. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • Ivor Lewis Evans, Private, 14541568, Cheshire Regiment. Killed on 18 September 1944, aged 21. Buried at Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy. Born in the Llansteffan area. Also commemorated Llanybri memorial.
  • Arthur James, Second Radio Officer, Merchant Navy – SS Toronto City (Bristol). Died on 2 July 1941, aged 30. Son of William and Margaret James of Bridgend, Llansteffan; husband of Margaret Mary James, of Abertridwr, near Caerphilly. His ship was used for meteorological service and was torpedoed in the North Atlantic.
  • EH Jones, Lance Corporal, Auxiliary Territorial Service.
  • Thomas Lloyd, Sergeant, Home Guard. Died at home on 22 July 1941, aged 45. Son of Jane Lloyd; husband of Hannah Mary Lloyd, of Llangain. Buried at Llangynog Churchyard. Too old for overseas service, he served at home in the 1st (Carmarthenshire) Battalion, the Home Guard. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • William John Rogers, Gunner, 1747903, Royal Artillery. Killed on 30 October 1942, aged 35. Brookwood Memorial, Surrey. Born in Llanybri. Son of John and Margaret Rogers; husband of Sarah Mary Rogers, of Llanybri. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
  • Thomas Mansel Stephens, Lieutenant, 1st Regiment, Special Air Service. Executed after being captured by Germans on 8 July 1944, aged 24. Buried at Verrieres Communal Cemetery, France. Commemorated at Moriah Chapelyard, Llansteffan, but not at the Memorial Hall.
  • David Rudolph Bentley Thomas (“Dolph”), Corporal, 14493238, Royal Army Service Corps. Died on 15 March 1947, aged 20. Buried in Llansteffan Churchyard. Nephew of John Thomas of Llansteffan. Educated at Llandovery College before being conscripted.
  • John Thomas, Private, 14342801, Monmouthshire Regiment. Died at home on 15 April 1943, aged 30. Buried in Llanybri Churchyard. Husband of Annie Florence Thomas, of Llanybri. Also commemorated on Llanybri war memorial.
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