Former Cambrian Hotel, Llangollen

Link to French translationFormer Cambrian Hotel, Berwyn Street, Llangollen

This former coaching inn dates from the late Georgian period, when Thomas Telford’s improved road from London to Holyhead boosted trade and prosperity in Llangollen. The Cambrian Hotel had its own stables and brewed its own beer on the premises. Some of the bottles remain in the building – now the Cambrian Guest House.

In the 19th and early 20th century, a “dwelling house” called Cambrian House adjoined the hotel. This was probably the western portion of the building (on the left as you look at the frontage). In the 1890s Cambrian House was the home of William Poole, regional agent for tea merchants Valentine & Co.

From 1898, Mrs SE Roberts lived at Cambrian House, where she continued the millinery (hat-making) business she previously ran at Central Buildings. One of her sons, W Lloyd Roberts, was a sergeant with the South African Infantry in the First World War, fighting the Germans in East Africa. Another son, Herbert, enlisted and trained at Kinmel Park camp, near Rhyl. In 1918 local people collected “comforts” such as socks, mittens, scarves and helmets for the sons of Mrs Roberts and other townswomen.

Photo of Edisbury & Co bottleAlso adjoining the site was the “Mineral Water Manufactory” of JF Edisbury & Co Ltd. Mr Edisbury was a Wrexham pharmacist who built up a prospering soft drinks business. One of his company’s torpedo bottles, for fizzy drinks, was discovered in 2013 at Machine House in Rossett. It has a badge showing two crossed foxes and is pictured right.

In 1903 the Cambrian Hotel, Cambrian House and the mineral water factory were sold at auction in Llangollen.

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