Dolgarrog Water To Waves Tour

Dolgarrog Water To Waves Tour

Today Dolgarrog is famous as the home of the Surf Snowdonia lagoon, where consistent artificial waves provide perfect conditions for surfing. But water has always been central to the village’s history, from its early mills to the modern hydro-electric power station. Hydro power fed an aluminium factory in Dolgarrog which was heavily guarded in the Second World War because of its strategic importance. Water also brought tragedy to the village, when a dam failure sent a torrent of water and rocks into Dolgarrog, killing 16 people.

To discover Dolgarrog’s aquatic history, take a stroll around the village with our smartphone tour as a guide. Look for the green QR-code plaques at Surf Snowdonia and other places of interest in the village. Scan the codes with your smartphone or tablet to download a concise history from the website. You can use the icons below each text to discover the next location on the tour. Eventually the tour will return you to your starting point.

The tour was created with the support of the RWE Innogy community benefit fund and Dolgarrog Community Council.

To join the tour online, click on one of the following locations:

Surf Snowdonia
Dam disaster memorial
Village shops