Bute Park Tour

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Follow the circuit around this park in central Cardiff to discover its fascinating past, from Roman and medieval times to its Victorian transformation into the Bute family's private "pleasure grounds". A major project has upgraded the park, revealing, conserving and adding interesting features.

Highlights of the tour include a wall topped with carved stone animals (can you identify them all?), a splendid avenue of ginkgo trees, and some of the best-preserved foundations of a medieval friary in the country.

You can join the circuit at any point where you see HistoryPoints QR codes. Scan the codes to download the page for that location, then click "Next" at the foot of the page to see what's next on the route. Eventually the route will return you to your starting point.

The RNIB has provided audio readings of the pages, for blind or partially sighted people to receive the information. Also, sighted people can listen to the readings while looking at the objects concerned. To hear the readings, simply press play (or download the MP3 audio file) near the top of each page.

To browse the tour online, please select one of the entry points below. 

The Animal Wall, Castle Street
West Lodge, Castle Street
Millennium Bridge entrance
Fisher's Bridge (entrance near Royal Welsh College)
North side of Cardiff Castle (entrance near Boulevard de Nantes)

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