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Nov 2, 2017

Coal Exchange's Dahl connection

Cardiff's grand Coal Exchange, now partially reopened as an hotel, was once the workplace of Roald Dahl's father, Harald, among many others involved in shipping goods through ...

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Posted by: RhodriC

Cardiff docks. At the time, collieries in South Wales produced vast quantities of coal, including a type particularly sought-after for fuelling steam engines. Harald Dahl, a Norwegian immigrant, capitalised on the movement of "black gold" through Cardiff by co-founding the Aadnesen & Dahl shipbroking company. His son Roald, the best-selling children's author, was christened in Cardiff's Norwegian church. For more about the Coal Exchange's history, including a snapshot of a typical day's trading in 1908, scan the HistoryPoints QR codes on the bench to the right of the hotel entrance. Or click here