Former Ellesmere Hotel

button-theme-crimelink_to_welsh_translationFormer Ellesmere Hotel, 94 Conway Road

For many years before 1939 this building was used as an hotel or 'boarding house' with private apartments. The business was advertised as being "situated in the best part of Colwyn Bay with lovely views of Wood and Mountain". The business was originally run by Mrs Bush and Miss Reynolds, but by the beginning of the Second World War it was in the hands of Mr & Mrs RTW Allen.

In 1939 the Ministry of Food told to them find alternative accommodation, and all the residents and holidaymakers had to leave. The Ministry then ran the important Legal & Enforcement Department from the building. A team of officials based in the Ellesmere Hotel roamed throughout the British Isles checking whether food which could be eaten by people was, in contravention of the rules, being given to livestock. Many farmers who were discovered breaking this rule were taken to court, and the prosecutions were conducted from the Ellesmere Hotel. 

After the war, like other such establishments, it was never again to become successful as an hotel. It is now used by a Conwy County Borough Council’s social services department.

With thanks to Graham Roberts, of Colwyn Bay Civic Society. His book ‘Colwyn Bay at War, from Old Photographs’, is published by Amberley Publishing.

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Postcode: LL29 7LE

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