The Old Tavern Inn, Llannerch-y-Môr

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link_to_french_translationThe Old Tavern Inn, Coast Road, Llannerch-y-Môr

This former coaching inn is centuries old. The section with the thatched roof features cruck trusses. These are timber trusses which rise from the ground almost to the apex of the roof, thanks to the natural bend in the wood selected for the task. The date 1664 is inscribed on part of a chimney in this section.

A small window aperture in what is now an internal wall was provided for lepers to obtain food and drink despite being banned from entering the inn. On the right-hand side of the aperture is a small indentation in the wall where a small bowl of disinfectant was kept. The lepers would pay by placing coins in the liquid, as this was thought to be a way of preventing the leprosy spreading.

In the cellar is the mouth of what appears to be a tunnel leading towards the sea. Legend has it that it was originally a tunnel under the Coast Road which was used to smuggle contraband into the inn. The tunnel is now blocked, possibly from improvements to the road.

Tales of ghosts in the pub abound. One ghost’s appearances are said to be accompanied by a smell of casks – he is the spirit of a former legless landlord (a double amputee). Another ghost appears as a small woman with grey hair who likes to sit on the steps. Bar workers have reported hearing a child behind them calling for its mother, and turning to see nobody there.

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