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Town Centre
War Memorial
Cayley Promenade

Dig for Victory Tour. When the Second World War broke out, the Ministry of Food faced the daunting challenge of keeping service men and women well-fed while also ensuring each member of the civilian population received a fair share of the limited provisions available. The entire Ministry was moved from South-east England – too vulnerable to bombing and possible invasion – to Colwyn Bay. The town’s holiday accommodation and schools provided plenty of space, especially once the last holidaymakers and boarding pupils had been moved out. “Dig for Victory” was one of the many propaganda devices dreamt up by the Ministry under Lord Woolton, whose base was the Colwyn Bay Hotel. Now you can learn how various buildings were involved in the war effort by scanning the QR codes in the windows or nearby and following our Dig for Victory Tour, which also takes in the town’s war memorial. Show Tour Map.


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Quayside West
Castle Street
Quayside East

Ghosts and Legends of Conwy town. Follow the circuit around the lower part of the medieval town to discover tales of haunted buildings, a drowned palace, a mermaid’s curse and a saint who ended a fish famine.
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Colwyn Bay granite postcards. Use our QR codes and this mini-tour to discover the historical stories behind each of the 12 granite “postcards” which are set into the rebuilt promenade at Colwyn Bay. Subjects are as varied as the abduction of King Richard II, a mechanical elephant that took children on rides, and the Monty Python actor Terry Jones. Click here to join the tour online


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Main Car Park
Lancaster Sqare

Conwy Food & Drink Tour. Scan the QR barcodes as you follow the Conwy Food & Drink Tour to discover fascinating facts about the town’s long history of providing refreshments, solid and liquid!
The circuit can easily be walked around the town, in either direction, and takes in the quay and the delightful orchard alongside the medieval town walls. Show Tour Map.



The Wales Coast Path passes through Conwy county borough.


Eglwysbach Heritage Trail
Lots of surprises await you on the trail around this pretty village near Bodnant Garden. More details here.


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East End
Mostyn Street
Gloddaeth Street

Llandudno Showbiz Tour There was live entertainment to suit all tastes in Llandudno before the advent of television. Pierrot clowns from a resident troupe greeted arriving visitors at the railway station. George Formby, Paul Robeson, Vera Lynn, Arthur Askey, the Beverly Sisters and Cliff Richard are just some of the famous names who played Llandudno. Malcolm Sargeant started his conducting career here. Charles Hallé brought his orchestra.
Outdoor entertainment included minstrel shows and one of the earliest Punch and Judy puppet booths. Young people flocked to a stylish Art Deco ballroom.
Some of the theatres eventually became cinemas. Llandudno was also a setting for movies. Sir Alec Guinness stayed in the town in the early 1950s while filming.
Many of the theatres have been given new uses or been demolished, but the former Grand Theatre is said to be one of the most significant surviving British theatres from before the First World War.
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Empire Hotel
Gt Orme Tram Station
St George's Church

Llandudno The Church Walks Walk

Church Walks runs through the heart of old Llandudno. It was still a copper mining community when tourism began to transform the town in the 1850s.
Take our walking tour along the street, through the churchyard and back via Abbey Road to learn the fascinating stories of some of the buildings. You’ll discover where a founding member of the Automobile Association once lived, the boyhood home of an Australian Prime Minister, where residents could once buy bear grease or leeches, the locations of Llandudno’s first bank, town hall and public clock, and much more.
To start the tour, scan the HistoryPoints QR codes outside any of the locations and click “next” alongside the tour banner at the foot of the text. Or use the menu on the right to follow the tour online.
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At the Promenade
Near the rail station
Gloddaeth Street
Near Haulfre Gdns
The Grand Hotel

Wartime in Llandudno tour. Llandudno was transformed in the Second World War as holidaymakers were replaced by thousands of civil servants, soldiers and US Army medics. Land Girls came here for breaks from heavy farm work, the Home Guard practised in the streets, and a spymaster checked out the local hotels. Meanwhile the townspeople responded generously to each fund-raising appeal, paying for a warship and donating over £3.8m to the war effort.
Discover these stories, and many more, by scanning the QR codes around the town, or use the list on the right to join the tour online. Show Tour Map.


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Mostyn Street
Church Walks

Llandudno Victorian Highlights Tour Llandudno is one of the best-preserved Victorian seaside resorts in Britain. We’ve picked out some of the most interesting buildings and places to form an easy walking circuit which you can follow around the town using our QR codes at each featured location plus your smartphone or tablet. The tour will give you an insight into how a small mining village was quickly transformed into a fashionable holiday and commercial centre. You’ll also discover some of the characters who lived in Llandudno or visited in the Victorian era, and how they liked to be entertained!
To follow the tour online, please select a location from the list on the right. Show Tour Map.


Children's QR Discovery Tour - Llandudno promenade
Here's an exciting new way for children to get a taste for history! Find and scan the QR codes at eight sites along the prom, select "For Kids" and read a few cool facts about each place. Collect a free leaflet from the Tourist Information Centre (Mostyn Street) or Rock Shop (near the pier entrance), and fill in the star letter at each location as you go along. When you've collected them all, they'll spell out a star word!
For a preview, and to print the leaflet at home, click here


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The Close
Penmaen Park

HL North Arts and Crafts The seaside town of Llanfairfechan has a remarkable collection of Arts & Crafts buildings. This movement began in the late 19th century as designers, artists and others sought to revive traditional values and skills after the rapid and poorly controlled expansion of urban areas in the Industrial Revolution.
The architect Herbert Luck North, who had worked for Sir Edwin Lutyens, lived in Llanfairfechan from in 1901 to 1941. His family owned a large area of land there. He designed attractive buildings for clients across North Wales and further afield. Many of his buildings are in Llanfairfechan – as you’ll discover when you follow our smartphone tour around the village. Simply scan the QR codes at any location on the tour with a smartphone or tablet, or use the list on the right to join the tour online. Use the “Next” button at the foot of each page to find the next place on the tour.


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Pont Fawr bridge
Denbigh Street

Llanrwst Characters & Customs Llanrwst people traditionally had idiosyncratic ways. Now you can discover some of the town’s remarkable people and customs by taking our self-guided walking tour. You’ll learn about a butcher whose nine sons served in the First World War, an Elizabethan aristocrat who passed off another man’s charitable acts as his own, a printer whose home-made equipment is now in the Science Museum, a draper who had a film script accepted by Charlie Chaplin, a maker of royal harps, and a beekeeper whose funeral was attended by a swarm of bees!
Along the way you’ll find a bridge nicknamed after the curses it has inspired for centuries, the effigy of a local medieval knight and an hotel which was earmarked for confinement of Second World War spies.
Discover the stories by scanning the QR codes around the town, or use the list on the right to join the tour online. Click “Next” for the next tour location. Show Tour Map


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Seafront Area
Shops Area
The West End
The East End

William Gladstone Tour The LIberal leader William Ewart Gladstone was prime minister three times in the 19th century, and while he was in the limelight he often took his summer holidays in Penmaenmawr. His visits boosted the profile of Penmaenmawr and stimulated property development in what was considered a pretty exclusive seaside resort. By following our tour you'll find a memorial bust of Gladstone, read about some of the grand houses where he stayed, visit the church whose foundation stone he laid, see where a railway ride terrified him and his wife and discover the place where the Gladstones consoled Lady Lucy Cavendish after the shocking murder in Dublin of her husband, whom Gladstone had recently appointed Irish Secretary.
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