Graves at Prestatyn churchyard

Use the map below to find interesting graves outside Christ Church, Prestatyn. The numbers on the map correspond with the list below. Click on the person’s name to read about him or her. The photo of each gravestone will help you to locate the grave.

Please take care when visiting the graves, in case the ground is uneven.

A prominent feature of the churchyard is the town’s main war memorial. Click here for our web page about the local war dead commemorated inside and outside the church.

Postcode: LL19 9AR

With thanks to Adrian Hughes, of the Home Front Museum, Llandudno

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1, Charles Cooke d.1919 - died from gas poisoning in France after gallant service throughout WW1
2, Gwilym R Tilsley d.1997 - poet and archdruid who won the National Eisteddfod chair twice
3, John Meirion Lloyd d.1998 - missionary who enhanced education in remote Mizoram, India
4, Lucy Dowell d.1863 - survived a lightning strike which singed her hair and set her shop alight
5, Ian Parry d.1998 - photojournalist who started at Rhyl Journal, died covering Romanian revolution
6, Albert Marten d.1942 - was guarding a crashed RAF plane when ordnance exploded
7, Thomas Roberts d.1905 - the tug he captained vanished mysteriously while returning to Liverpool
8, Catherine Maria Jones d.1906 - she, her son and her postman husband all died within three months
9, Arthur R Jones d.1918 - hero First Officer of Lusitania tragedy died when his cargo ship was sunk
10, Frank Ackerley d.1942 - accidentally shot during a Home Guard Lewis gun demonstration for ARP wardens
11, Sidney Clark d.1930 - gave up his business career to become a missionary and author
12, John Jones d.1889 - struck by a train as he took a shortcut along a railway he was employed to maintain
13, Norman Richardson d.1902 - drowned aged 10, four years before his dad died in a cycling accident
14, Anthony Bradley d.1908 - developed Bradley’s clothiers to encompass 100 branches
15, Robert Jones ‘Gorsafydd’ d.1922 - stationmaster and writer who lost two sons in WW1
16, Children’s drowning tragedy 1868 - six local boys drowned as the tide surged in
17, Edmund Hunt d.1898 - ‘pioneer of Prestatyn’ who initiated Christ Church but fell out with vicar

Prestatyn Churchyard Graves