The Old Smithy, Llandegla

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This building was one of three smithies in Llandegla during the heyday of droving. Llandegla was an overnight stop for many drovers as they moved livestock from Wales to England, and the local smithies made and fitted horseshoes as required.

The blacksmiths at this smithy also made other metal objects for local residents including parts for farm machines and “hoops” (metal tyres) which were fitted around spoked wooden cartwheels at the smithy.

This smithy, which was more central to the village than the others, was acquired by Captain Dewhurst of the Bodidris Estate when the previous owners, the Roberts family, fell on hard times after the First World War. Capt Dewhurst then employed Bob Roberts, who had inherited the smithy from his father Thomas, to work three days per week at the smithy and three at the estate, which was north of the village.

The smithy closed after the Second World War and the buildings were later used for various purposes, including a garage.

Source: Llandegla Then and Now, by the Llandegla Millennium Action Group

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