Graves outside St Asaph Cathedral

Graves outside St Asaph Cathedral

Use the map below to find the graves of interesting people who are buried outside St Asaph Cathedral. The numbers on the map correspond with the list below. Click on the person’s name to read about him or her. The photo of each gravestone will help you to locate the grave.

Please take care when visiting the graves, in case the ground is uneven.

The featured graves cover a large timespan – at least one from each century from the 17th to the 21st.

Most of the people buried here in the 19th century and later were connected with the cathedral. Other local residents were buried outside the parish church (at the bottom of High Street) or at St Asaph Cemetery.

With thanks to Dr Hazel Pierce and Rhidian Griffiths. Sources include the National Library of Wales, the Dictionary of Welsh Biography and the Church in Wales

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1, Thomas Vowler Short (d.1872) - bishop who improved children’s education across the diocese
2, Isaac Barrow (d.1680) - bishop whose social reforms included building the nearby almshouses
3, Mary Foulkes (d.1724) - a member of the prominent Piers family of Gwernigron
4, Gertrude Howell Evans (d.1940) - decorated for Red Cross nursing in France in WW1
5, Shadrach Pryce (d.1914) - former schools inspector who argued for Welsh-medium education
6, Alwyn Rice Jones (d.2007) - Archbishop of Wales who oversaw ordination of first female priests
7, Alfred George Edwards (d.1937) - first Archbishop of Wales. Lost two sons to WW1
8, Thomas Lloyd (d.1935) - archdeacon who lost one son to WW1, another to illness caught in Nigeria
9, Mary Anna Fosbery (d.1915) - widow who helped the local poor and lost two sons, one in the Boer War
10, Miles Partington (d.1906) - cathedral’s tenor lay clerk. Died a few months after parents
11, Charles Tomkinson (d.1906) - St Asaph’s popular postmaster, until he was caught embezzling
12, John Clement Du Buisson (d.1938) - dean whose family reputedly made a fortune from Waterloo intelligence
13, William Mathias (d.1992) - composer and conductor who wrote an anthem for the 1981 royal wedding