St Peris’ Well, Nant Peris, near Llanberis

button_lang_frenchSt Peris’ Well, Nant Peris, near Llanberis

For centuries, this well was thought to have healing properties. Like the nearby church, it is dedicated to St Peris. It was commonly known as Ffynnon y Sant (the Saint’s Well).

Two fish were kept in the well. If they emerged from their hiding places into the open water, visitors took that as a good omen. Some visitors dropped bait to tempt the fish into the open! Some ailments were thought to be cured by bathing in the water, particularly if the fish emerged at the time. For other ailments, the patient drank well water.

Monetary offerings thrown into the well were used to pay the parish clerk’s salary. The well had its own keeper. Travel writer Thomas Pennant recorded that the well keeper at the time of his visit, in the 18th century, would tell visitors’ fortunes – aided by the fish!

The stone edging around the well is thought to date from the 17th century and provided seating for bathers.

By the late 19th century, visitors no longer came for healing but the well was still stocked with fish. One of the fish grew to 43cm long and lived for more than 30 years, latterly becoming blind and unable to avoid the grasps of curious children. It received a “respectful burial” nearby.

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