Fleet Surgeon’s House, Pembroke Dock

Link to French translationFleet Surgeon’s House, Pembroke Dock

This grand Georgian building was once home to the Royal Navy’s most senior surgeon in Pembroke Dock. 

The Fleet Surgeon’s House was built in 1818 as part of a group designed by Edward Holl, architect to the Royal Navy, for the entrance to the Royal Dockyard. The job title of Fleet Surgeon was created by the Navy in 1875. Previously the role was described as Surgeon First Class, and before that (including the period when this house was built) Naval surgeons weren’t divided into different ranks.

More than 250 ships - including five royal yachts - were built in this area from 1816 to 1922. The dockyard also maintained and repaired warships. Workers were often injured at the dockyard, as they were at other industrial premises, and treating them was the job of the Navy’s physicians and surgeons.

The Fleet Surgeon's House is owned by Milford Haven Port Authority and let to tenants through its Quayside Estates.

Where is this HiPoint?

Postcode: SA72 6YH

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