Pillbox at Trearddur Bay

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This wartime defence has an unusual castle-like shape. It underwent conservation work in 2023 by the Ynys Cybi Landscape Partnership.

By May 1940, much of western Europe was under German occupation and the fear was that Britain would be invaded next. General Edmund Ironside was put in charge of the country’s defences and ordered thousands of fortified ‘pillboxes’ to be built, including this prominent example at Trearddur Bay.

As the direction of an enemy attack was unknown, the authorities had to prepare for every eventuality, including the possibility that the Germans might launch a seaborne attack on Britain from the west. This pillbox was one of around a dozen built around Trearddur Bay. Pillboxes in this part of Anglesey were unusual in that they looked like mini-castles, possibly to disguise their age and purpose. You can see another example in Holyhead.

This pillbox consists of two inter-connected circular enclosures. The open one was used for mounting an anti-aircraft gun, while the covered one gave troops some protection from the elements. In the side walls are seven embrasures (openings) from which soldiers would fire their weapons towards the invaders.

With thanks to Adrian Hughes, of the Home Front Museum, Llandudno

Postcode: LL65 2US    View Location Map

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