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Link to French translationThe Cottage Loaf, Market Street, Llandudno

Dunphy’s Warehouse, in Market Street , was built at this site c.1857. The bakery-warehouse (pictured below) serviced a chain of Dunphy’s provisions stores in Llandudno and district. Shipwrecks were quite common in the waters around Llandudno at that time. They provided a plentiful supply of the massive timbers needed for construction of the warehouse.

Photo of Dunphy's bakery

From 1891 to 1912 the Llandudno Advertiser was printed here

The bakery-warehouse was demolished in 1981. However, the beams and spars from wrecked ships were re-used in the building of the Cottage Loaf public house, where they are a major feature in the bar.

Research by Llandudno historian John Lawson-Reay indicates that some of the timbers came from Llandudno’s original pier, built in 1858. Stumps, of square cross-section, from the wooden structure remain on the site. Their dimensions tally with those of the timbers holding up the porch roof at the Cottage Loaf.

Note that there is a small iron ladder set into the wall at the front of the premises. The ladder is the last remnant of the warehouse and was used by the workmen to step up onto a loading bay. The ladder and loading bay are visible in the old photo above – they’re just to the left of the inset image of the staff.

The Dunphy’s business was founded in 1850 by an Irish immigrant who baked muffins. Her son Stephen developed it into a chain of stores. You can read more about him on our page about his grave on the Great Orme.

With thanks to John Lawson-Reay, of Llandudno & Colwyn Bay History Society

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