The Old White Hart, Llantwit Major

The Old White Hart, Llantwit Major

llantwit_major_old_white_hartThis building was originally a house. The central section is believed to date from the late 16th or early 17th century. Initially the roof was lower than the one you see today. The section to the left was added shortly later. The pub also occupies and joins onto the next building up the slope, which was originally an outbuilding. It once had a thatched roof (visible in the early photo, right).

Inside you can see many historic features, including two old fireplaces. Notice the thickness of the walls. The house was large for its time, indicating that it was occupied by affluent people. There’s an old tradition that it was once the home of a senior judge.

llantwit_major_old_white_hart_20th_centuryThe lower section had probably become an inn by the 18th century, when tokens for the White Hart were issued.

In the 19th century the pub became known as the Old White Hart, to distinguish it from a newer hostelry known as the New White Hart, in East Street. The photo on the left shows it in the 20th century, when the inn belonged to Hancock’s Brewery. Notice how the section on the right has had a second storey added since the earlier photo was taken.

With thanks to Llantwit Major History Society

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