Compton House

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Compton House, Castle Street, Conwy

Compton House replaced an earlier building on the east side of Castle Street, between the road and lower section of the town walls. The Victorian building has been used for various trades, including manufacture or sale of footwear through much of the last century (see Footnotes). From 1971 to 1978 it was a weavers' loft.

From 1901, the Jones family sold and repaired footwear here. They were agents for K Boots and other brands. Edith Jones was organist at Soar Chapel in Gyffin. TJ Jones of Compton House was one of many Conwy men who volunteered for the North Wales “Pals” Battalion immediately after the First World War began.

In the early 20th century, local residents could have their eyes tested here free of charge on the first Friday of each month, by Llanrwst optician RG Owen. He claimed that 90% of headaches are caused by eye strain, which could be “cured permanently” by glasses.

The cellar is said to be haunted. There's a tale that the daughter of the building’s occupant (a John Jones) in about 1860 died from natural causes when she was 16 years old.

Paranormal investigators have explored the building independently, one being from the USA and the other from England. Both advised the owners never to breach the walls in one corner of the cellar and enter the room behind. There is no visible means of entry, and the owners were surprised that a room existed there. Later they drilled a hole in the floor above and, with the help of a medical endoscope, inspected what they could see inside the sealed room. The only objects they could make out appeared to be associated with fishing or seafaring.

Compton House is now home to the Matier clothing shop, part of the locally owned Celtic Knitwear Company

Postcode: LL32 8AY

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FOOTNOTES: Previous occupiers of Compton House included:
Owen Evans, bookseller and stationer, 1880-85
Jeremia W Mason, fruiterer and seedsman, 1890-1901
Joseph Jones, bootmaker, 1901-29
W J Jones & Son, boot dealer, 1939-69.
Thanks to Ray Castle for this information.


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