Flying Boat T9044 remains, Pembroke Dock

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Pembroke Dock was Britain’s largest base for flying boats in the Second World War. These large planes used the dock’s sheltered waters as a runway from 1931 to 1959. In wartime they patrolled the western Atlantic to detect enemy submarines and aircraft which threatened vital supply routes from North America.

Sunderland Mk1 Flying Boat T9044 sank at Pembroke Dock in a gale in November 1940. It was discovered by divers decades later, and many items have already been recovered from the wreck and conserved. These include two of the aircraft’s mighty Pegasus engines. Many of the recovered items are on public display here, at the Flying Boat Centre and Workshop. The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust plans to remove more of T9044 from the water.

T9044’s sinking was a blow to the RAF, which had so few Sunderlands – by far the largest aircraft in RAF service at the time. Britain was also facing the threat of Nazi invasion. T9044 was active for only two months, in which time it flew 14 operational missions from Oban and Pembroke Dock.

The trust opened the Flying Boat Centre in 2009, with funding from the Welsh Government’s Rural Development Plan. It uses artefacts, models, interactive exhibits and other material to tell the story of flying boats in peacetime and wartime at ‘PD’, as the station was known. Please use the link below for details, including opening hours.

The centre is complemented by the trust’s Fleets to Flying Boats Centre in the former Dockyard Chapel, a short distance to the east.

Postcode: SA72 6TB

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