Sail loft, Amlwch

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This sail loft was built c.1870, relatively late in the age of sailing ships. Inside the building skilled sailmakers repaired sails or made new ones. Some of this work was for vessels visiting the harbour, but Amlwch also had a thriving shipbuilding business, owned by the Thomas family. Each new ship required a full set of sails.

The building has a sloping floor, which helped sailmakers in their work. The building’s frontage was the gable end which faces you as you climb the hill from the harbour.

The property of sailmaker William Morris, who had recently died, was sold at auction in Amlwch in 1876. It included a “commodious Building, situate on a commanding spot at the Port, and known as the ‘Sail Room’.” The building was bought by Messrs Jones, Hughes and Company for £150. The same bidder bought the sail room’s contents, which included sail canvas, ropes, oil, timber and old sails.

Mr Morris also held shares in two schooners registered in Beaumaris and a brigantine registered in Wigtown, Scotland. These too were sold at the auction.

Today the sail loft houses a café and a museum dedicated to Amwlch’s maritime history. It is part of the Copper Kingdom heritage complex at the harbour.

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