St Mary’s Church, Rhuddlan

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A parish church in Rhuddlan is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. The church on this riverbank site was founded c.1301, when the river was navigable and Rhuddlan was a port.

A second aisle was added in medieval times, possibly late 15th century, along with the west tower. There were reconstructions in 1812 and, by the renowned architect Sir George Gilbert Scott, in 1868 to 1870. The Bodrhyddan mausoleum on the north side was added in 1820. Much of the original medieval structure survives.

Near the altar is a blocked doorway of Tudor design. Above it is the date 1637 and the name of Sir John Conway (1575-1641). His wife was buried in the church’s north cellar in 1642, and the doorway probably leads to that vault.

Between the south door and west wall is a memorial window to the Rev TW Vaughan. When the wall was pierced for this window in 1934, two hollow areas within were discovered within the wall. The upper hollow contained a human skull, the lower a skull and human bones, although not a whole skeleton. The voids were lined with clay mixed with straw.

The churchyard contains a 17th-century sundial and chest tombs from the same century.

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