Llanyrafon Mill, Cwmbrȃn

Llanyrafon Mill, Cwmbrȃn

This Grade 2-listed building was officially known as Llanyrafon Mills, because it had three pairs of millstones. Long ago, the mill was part of the Manor of Edlogan. 

Old photo of Llanyrafon miller Tom Wait and familyA corn mill was reputedly shown here on maps of the 14th Century, but the only firm evidence is dated 1632 when the mill was owned by William Morgan of Llangibby. Subsequently, the Griffiths family owned the mill for centuries. It was part of the estate of nearby Llanyrafon Manor in the early 20th century.

In 1921 the mill was sold by the Laybourne family to Tom Wait, who was the tenant miller. Tom and his family lived in the house behind the mill. The old photo shows him beside his wife, Christina Sarah. Two of their five children are on the cart: their youngest daughter Ivy and probably their youngest son Archie (thought to have drowned in the mill leat).

Tom regularly milled grain brought by local farmers, and often visited the Corn Exchange near Newport docks to negotiate for a load of corn. This would be transported to Llantarnam railway station before the back-breaking task of transferring the sacks of corn from the railway wagon to a horse and cart.

Old photo of Llanyrafon Mill when derelictIn 1929 Tom obtained his first lorry, which expanded the area where he could collect grain and deliver milled products. However, the mill ceased operating in the early 1950s. It was purchased by the Cwmbrȃn Development Corporation in 1967.

A fire started by boys in the empty mill building in April 1971 caused considerable damage. The lower photo shows it as a roofless ruin.

In 1977 government money became available to provide a scheme for unemployed people to participate in useful work. This enabled the fabric of the building to be completely renovated – saving Llanyrafon Mill from being lost forever.

Today the Friends of Llanyrafon Mill are dedicated to restoring the historic building to working order. It contains a small museum relating to farming and milling in the area.

With thanks to Nigel Jones of the Friends of Llanyrafon Mill for information and photos

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