Old Court, Llangattock Lingoed

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Old Court is the building set back a little from the road and Offa’s Dyke Path here, just outside the village of Llangattock Lingoed. It’s a private property – please enjoy the view from the road but don’t go into the grounds.

Parts of Old Court are medieval. Most of the building was erected in the early 17th century. In 1664 it passed from Lewis Morgan to his son, Sir Thomas Morgan (1604-1679). Sir Thomas had fought for the Parliamentarians in the Civil War, helping to capture Chepstow and other towns and becoming commander in chief for Monmouthshire. He was knighted in 1658 and became a baronet three years later.

Although he was illiterate, he successfully governed Jersey, which was then at risk of French invasion. He had married in 1632 and had nine sons. His properties included the Red House, outside Cardiff Castle (where the Angel Hotel now stands).

Before and during the First World War, Old Court was home to Warren Davies, secretary of the Abergavenny War Agricultural Committee. The committee arranged for a local farm to be taken on to maintain and increase food production, and to use women for farm labour at a time when many men had left to serve in the armed forces. The venture was particularly intended to test women’s work before placing them on other farms.

In 1915 Warren Davies organised a “Patriotic Concert” which raised money for the Prince of Wales’ Fund for sick and wounded soldiers, and included a speech exhorting young men from the countryside to enlist in the forces. Two years earlier, he had arranged pageants in Abergavenny and nearby White Castle in connection with the National Eisteddfod’s visit to the town.

Old Court is said to be haunted. A friend of the owners once fled from his bedroom in terror at 2am, refusing to describe what he’d seen. The family stopped using that bedroom.

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