Caerphilly rail station

Caerphilly rail station

This was Caerphilly’s second rail station. It dates from 1871, when the Rhymney Railway opened its direct line to Cardiff. The station was enlarged in 1913, when it was handling about 70 passenger services per day as well as the constant passage of freight trains.

The Rhymney Railway (RR) opened in 1858 to connect ironworks in the Rhymney area to Cardiff. It had vital support from the Bute family, who planned to develop coal mines in the Rhymney Valley. The track skirted the west of Caerphilly, where the town’s first station was sited, and descended steeply to join the Taff Vale Railway (TVR) at Taff's Well.

Relations between the railways quickly soured, and in 1864 Parliament authorised the RR to dig a long tunnel under Caerphilly Common and create independent access to Cardiff docks. The RR was helped by the mighty London & North Western Railway, which connected to the RR north of Rhymney. Until the First World War, it was possible to board a LNWR coach at Caerphilly and alight many hours later in Manchester or Liverpool! 

Caerphilly became a railway hub, with secondary passenger services to Pontypridd and to Machen (where the track joined the line from Bargoed to Newport). The Great Western Railway took over in 1923, and developed the RR's locomotive works, east of Caerphilly station, as its main South Wales workshops.

The enlarged station had two island platforms (surrounded by tracks) and a dead-end bay platform. Passengers bought their tickets in the building which still exists above the tracks (alongside Mountain Road) and descended to their required platform.

After the closure of secondary lines, Caerphilly station reverted to having just two platforms, with a bus station alongside, in 1973. A new booking office and entrance was built, for convenient interchange between trains and buses, but the building and canopy on platform 1 were retained. Notice the letters GWR cast in the legs of the benches outside the waiting room.

Caerphilly station is now a park-and-ride facility for commuters, and the frequency of trains surpasses any earlier period in history. Plans were announced in June 2018 to electrify the railway through Caerphilly by 2023, for new “tri-mode” trains which will be able to draw electricity from overhead wires or batteries or use diesel engines.

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