St Mary Magdalen’s Church, Cerrigydrudion

Link to French translationSt Mary Magdalen’s Church, Cerrigydrudion

A place of worship may have existed at this site since 440AD. Some of the present structure is medieval and is mentioned in 13th-century tax records. The building was enlarged in 1503, and underwent a major restoration in 1874. Many of the windows are Victorian, although a medieval window survives in the vestry.

According to legend, the church was once possessed by the devil. A wise man was called in to help. Following his advice, the villagers fetched a pair of giant oxen and prepared a chain by dipping it in holy water. A pretty – and brave – young woman walked around the churchyard, successfully tempting the devil out of the building, enabling the villagers to bind him in the chain. The oxen dragged the devil to a lake where he was drowned. The lake was known as Llyn Dau-ychain (Lake of Two Oxen) until it was subsumed by Alwen reservoir.

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