Caffi Caban y Pair, Betws-y-coed

Link to French translationCaffi Caban y Pair, Holyhead Road, Betws-y-coed

The block of buildings in which the café is located provides an insight into Betws-y-coed before tourism transformed the village in the 19th century. Buildings were erected here in rough stone as accommodation for men who worked in the local lead mines. The layout of old structures behind the café suggests that there was originally a terrace of cottages at right angles to what is now Holyhead Road, where the present frontage was added sometime later.

The two properties adjoining the café to the east remain in residential use. The café occupies premises which have been in commercial use for many decades. A hairdressing shop was located here before the building was converted into a milk bar as prosperity and tourism returned after the Second World War.

Caffi Caban y Pair was established in February 1990. The last part of the name comes from the name of the bridge, Pont y Pair, which is almost opposite the café. You can read the explanation for the bridge’s name, and hear it pronounced, here.

“Caban” = cabin. In the quarries and mines of North Wales, the “caban” was the refuge where the workers took meal breaks and held lively discussions on current affairs and other topics – a vital antidote to their repetitive and dangerous work.

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